Rolling Stones Rock Bar

Named After The Rolling Stones, We Live all the Glory of Rock n Roll

We welcome everyone of you to experience the glory of rock n roll also with some great food and celebrations and fun times all around you. Long live Rock n Roll.  Also keep in mind that you'll have to prepare for some nostalgia in the future.

Thank You and Let the Good times roll....

One of the best places in Pokhara, awesome vibes.
An unforgettable night, thank you Rolling.
The great place to take rest from work
The great place to hangout in pokhara.
22 Jun
The Shadows Nepal Live at Rollling Stones Rock Bar
Thanks to The Shadows Nepal for a great performance. Also a big thank you to our sponsers who made it happen : Tuborg beer and Khukuri (xxx Rum) And...... Let the good times roll !!!
01 Jun
Swoopna Suman Live at Rolling Stones Rock Bar
Swoopna on the mic everyone dancing and having a good time, a night we can't forget. Thanks to Swoopna , the team and everyone. Let the good times roll...
29 May
Europa League Final at Rolling Stones Rock Bar
The good times. Great Match and an unforgettable night.
09 Feb
RockLiveMusic with The Voice Nepal
An awesome night with The Voice Nepal.Thanks to The Voice Nepal team.
22 Dec
Sushant KC Live at Rolling Stones Bar
A sensual night with Sushant KC at the helm. Thanks to Sushant KC and the team.
07 Nov
Rohit John Cheettri Live at Rolling Stones Bar
Thanks to Rohit John Cheettri to make our guests night great.
22 Sep
Neetesh J Kunwar Live at Rolling Stones Rock Bar
Neetesh entertained the whole place through the roof. Thanks to Neetesh and the team.
15 Sep
Underside Live at Rolling Stones Rock Bar
Thanks to Underside for The Good Times. Also thanks to the team and everyone involved.


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